Radio Days Are Back


Dear User Experience Forum, it has been quite a while since our last newsletter. Lot’s of things are happening around us, and we are one of the significant forces to shape the present and future. At least we should! User Experience matters. More than ever. At interaction|12 I had a chat with a next gen […]

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cyborg anthropology

I missed Amber Case’ presentation at Interaction 12 on Solid to Liquid to Air: Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface. But here it is, the webcast_ “Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer who focuses on mobile software, augmented reality and data visualization, and reducing the amount of time and […]

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Interaction 12 – Critique

I’ve summarized my highlights of Interaction 12 already on this blog: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 And there are many more, hidden between the tracks. It is an open secret that the interesting stuff happens in the breaks. Meet and greet with long-time-not-seen’s, meeting virtual friends for the first time in RL, and getting in touch with other interaction […]

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