Raum Schiff Erde T-4

Raum Schiff Erde am 21.2.2010 in Hamburg
Wir sind ausgebucht! 🙂
Man kann sich aber noch auf die Warteliste eintragen und nachrücken. Dreien ist das schon gelungen. (Wer also weiß, dass er nicht kommen kann, der möge sich bitte austragen.)
Am Abend gehen wir zum Essen und “Soscheleising” ins Parlament unterm Rathaus. Zur Planung haben wir wieder eine Wiki-Liste eingerichtet.
Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns dann am Sonntag zum Raumschiff Er.de

140 character bullshit

  1. @davewiner …with the user model. Again, this is engineering #bullshit. #reboot1111 minutes ago from web
  2. @davewiner …charachter limit. Dear software designers, please show a little respect for your users and do not confuse the system model…12 minutes ago from web
  3. @davewiner …tered tweets to maka them at least readable again. A similar UI could create a series of tweets if your reach the technical 140…13 minutes ago from web
  4. @davewiner …for your blurb. If the text gets longer twitter (or any UI that displays the tweets) could simply stitch together the scat…14 minutes ago from web
  5. @davewiner …the twitter medium. A low entry barrier is fine, though. And I also like that you do not have to artificially invent a title…19 minutes ago from web
  6. @davewiner …boundary that makes people feel stupid because they can not limit themselves to a reasonable amount of text that is accepted by…21 minutes ago from web
  7. @davewiner Indeed, the 140 chars limit is "bullshit" from the usabiltiy point of view. There is no technical reason te keep this hard…22 minutes ago from web
  8. RT @davewiner Steve Gillmor says 140 chars is plenty. I don’t have the nefarious motives he suggests, I just feel cramped… http://tr.im/pJaI23 minutes ago from web

A duel at reboot9

I am happy to present
at reboot9
this year. I’ll talk about a
duel between desktop- and web-computing

Abstract. Today the user of personal computers is facing several inconsistencies which originate from an unresolved situation between two competing interaction models. The WIMP desktop model was developed nearly 30 years ago at Xerox Parc and Apple Computer. The web model became popular in the mid 1990s and has profoundly changed business and the perception of social relationships. Contradictions between these two models have a severe negative impact on human-computer interaction.
The presentation will be based on a similar talk I gave at MEDICHI a month ago.
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