Creativity à la mprove

Slides, photos, podcast, sketchnotes, a few tweets, and finally this blog entry… I guess this is socialmultimedia 2.0. But in the first place it was supposed to be just a ten minutes inspirational talk at the Creativity Jam Hamburg on 3-Mar-2013.
I love to talk about stuff that I do not really understand. In this case: Creativity. And I went a little over time. Ironically, this resonates with my last slide. Anyway, here it is, the collected references for my talk Recipe for Creativity à la mprove.



Beat Signer on PowerPoint Multimedia Presentations in Computer Science Education: What Do Users Need? /30′ video at TU Graz

Structured interviews with 9 faculty members of ETH Zurich lead to the following desired features

  • Highlighting and annotating slide content
  • Use blank “sheets”
  • Use video controls
  • Use system mobile
  • Orientate efficiently within slide collection
  • See content of current and nearby slides

Idea for PaperPoint: Use Anoto pen on hand-out of presentation to control the slide show. Very nice!

Publication: PaperPoint: a paper-based presentation and interactive paper prototyping tool. In: Tangible and embedded interaction. Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Tangible and embedded interaction