Hang on iPad

Since I am exploring the possibilities of the iPad, I wanted to be able to play the Hang. ThumbJam offers a very good sampled Hang instrument already – but the typical layout of the metal U.F.O. was missing. Orphion recently introduced a layout customization, and virtual Midi allows to send the signals from Orphion to ThumbJam.

Oh yes, BTW, this is my first Prezi’ntation to explain how the things work together.

I’ve uploaded my Hang and HandPan layouts to the Orphion Universe. It should be easy for you to pick them up.

More resources here.

Killing Me Loudly – Cameron Carpenter about his dream organ

I just became aware of Cameron Carpenter, a passionate and virtuous US organ outlaw. In the talk he explains the intimate relationship between the artist and the instrument. Which turns out to be quite difficult because no organ is like the other. On the quest to present the best experience to his audience he is designing a new virtual organ with 5 keyboards and an extended pedal board.
Cameron Carpenter at
University of Michigan School of Art & Design
Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Visitors Series
iTunes University Video 1:23′
Cameron Carpenter at TED EG 08 20′
25.11.2010 – Live at Laeiszhalle Hamburg

PS_ The same iTunes U channel has much more to offer, e.g. Tim Brown “From Design to Desgin Thinking”, Stewart Brand “Hacking Civilization”, Carole Bilson “Design, Innovation and Leadership”, Yes Men.

Decca – Weihnachtsoratorium

Diese Schallplatte ist mit jedem modernen Leichtgewicht-Tonabnehmer abspielbar! Für optimale Sterowiedergabe empfiehlt es sich, einen Tonabnehmer nach internationaler Norm zu verwenden (Abtastspitze 15 Mikron, Spurwinkel 15 Grad). Zur Schonung bitte vor Staub, Erwärmung und Feuchtigkeit schützen. Genau senkrecht stehend oder auf glatter Unterlage waagerecht liegend aufbewahren.
This record can be played with any light-weight pick-up. To attain the most impressive Stereo performance it is commandable to use a pick-up according to the international standard (tip radius 0,5–0,7 mil, tracking angle 15°). Please protect record from dust, heat and damp ness. Please store record in vertical position or horizontal on flat shelf.
Abgabe-Bedingungen (nur für Deutschland): Die Überspielung unserer Schallplatten auf Band oder Draht, sowie das Mitschneiden von Rundfunksendenungen unserer Schallplatten, auch zum privaten Gebrauch, ist verboten. Zur Vermeidung unerlaubter Überspielungen sind den Händlern Verleih, Vermietung und Auswahlsendungen nicht erlaubt.