Knowledge Navigator Implications

Between 1987 and 1988 Apple has created a couple of vision videos under the common research theme Knowledge Navigator. Of course, Knowledge Navigator and Future Shock are most famous; but there are about 10 others short clips which illustrate additional concepts. Note that these are created in the pre-Web and pre-tablet era.

Below is a video that features Steve Wozniak, Diane Ravich (then director of Encyclopædia Britannica <sic!>), Alan Kay and the authors Ray Bradbury and Alvin Toffler. They are dreaming about the future – our present. Although the technology today seems capable to deliver on this vision, I suppose we have some work left to do you adjust our tools in a way to really support it.

Topics: computers as simulation tools, education, agents, voice user interfaces, automated translation, hypermedia

Knowledge Navigator Implications, Apple 1988 at YouTube

Innovation durch Inklusion

Thorsten Wilhelm  hatte folgende Gäste zum Panel Innovation durch Inklusion eingeladen: Brigitte Borneman, Paul Pagel, Dr. Kirsten Bergmann, Matthias MProve und Jörg Morsbach.  Die Session kann nun im Kanal von eparo nachgeschaut werden:

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