Back to Childhood in UI Design Jul 2011

Here is the video of my presentation at Hyperkult: Back to Childhood – Infantilization of UI Design. After the talk Ivan Sutherland pointed out that the TX-2 was just build to prove the concept of a computer based on transistors. The four black knobs below the screen where not build in specific for Sketchpad; they rather controlled directly the value for four memory registers that Ivan used for scrolling and zooming the image on screen.

Back to Childhood – Infantilisation of UI Design from mprove on Vimeo.

German paper and references: Zurück in die Kindheit – Infantilisierung im UI Design.

The Art of Engineering and The Engineering of Art

Ivan Sutherland gave a talk about “The Art of Engineering and the Engineering of Art” at Hyperkult conference in Lüneburg. You might wonder where Lüneburg is. Depending on your location, it is likely to be in a far far away country. But for me it is almost between home and the Oracle office in Hamburg. Without further ado, here is his 1:22h talk_

Ivan Sutherland: The Art of Engineering and the Engineering of Art from mprove on Vimeo.