Ted Nelson: Computers for Cynics

Two Five Seven Eight new Ted Nelson videos are up: Computers for Cynics

#0 The Myth of Technology

#1 The Nightmare of Files and Directories

#2 It All Went Wrong at Xerox PARC

#3 Database

#4 The Dance of Apple and Microsoft

#5 HyperHistory

#6 The Real Story of the World Wide Web

#N Closure: Pay Attentions to the Man Behind the Curtain

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Ted Nelson at Hypertext 01

This is not my planet. And this is not my conference.

What an opening to a talk at ACM Hypertext 01 by Ted Nelson! Ted Nelson at ACM Hypertext 2001 from mprove on Vimeo.at University of Nottingham
Some quotes:

[2’10”] I think of the world wide web and XML and cascading style sheets is the ultimate triumph of the typewriter over the author. +++ three fundamental problems today: 1) hierarchical file structures 2) simulation of paper 3) the application prison +++ [12’40”] Software is a branch of movie making. +++ [17’50”] The question is about starting over. +++ ZigZag / Authoplectic structures where trees and tables are just edge cases. +++

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