Follow my Heart

Ungrateful Heart by Francesco-Fusco

My heart belongs to me.

My heart does not belong to all the social media platforms where I can like and fav all the micro media snippets. Why the heck is it so unbelievable complicated to review and retrieve the stuff that I liked? Privacy is a valid point. But it is me. I want to be in control what happens with my clicks. They belong to me, and therefore all the moments when something appealed to me for whatever reason.
Each platform offers a different mechanism to return my favs. Some offer RSS feeds! Some do, but you have to hunt for the feed in view-source. Some offer APInterfaces with or without authentication to access the data. For some pages it is possible to scrape the data with an XPath claw. For others I haven’t figured out yet how to get to the cœur.
Once retrieved and reassembled together, the resulting pages with favs from various platform reveal surprises and beauty that was otherwise hidden between the silos of lost hearts.  (I am sorry. I am carried away – listening the third time Keith Jarrett Trio’s Blue Note concert – “I fall in love too easily / The fire within” from 1994)
This is what I get by pulling together the various sources and displaying them in a comprehensive way. The juxtapositions are not intended at all. But at the same time they are not totally random.
please enjoy