140 character bullshit

  1. @davewiner …with the user model. Again, this is engineering #bullshit. #reboot1111 minutes ago from web
  2. @davewiner …charachter limit. Dear software designers, please show a little respect for your users and do not confuse the system model…12 minutes ago from web
  3. @davewiner …tered tweets to maka them at least readable again. A similar UI could create a series of tweets if your reach the technical 140…13 minutes ago from web
  4. @davewiner …for your blurb. If the text gets longer twitter (or any UI that displays the tweets) could simply stitch together the scat…14 minutes ago from web
  5. @davewiner …the twitter medium. A low entry barrier is fine, though. And I also like that you do not have to artificially invent a title…19 minutes ago from web
  6. @davewiner …boundary that makes people feel stupid because they can not limit themselves to a reasonable amount of text that is accepted by…21 minutes ago from web
  7. @davewiner Indeed, the 140 chars limit is "bullshit" from the usabiltiy point of view. There is no technical reason te keep this hard…22 minutes ago from web
  8. RT @davewiner Steve Gillmor says 140 chars is plenty. I don’t have the nefarious motives he suggests, I just feel cramped… http://tr.im/pJaI23 minutes ago from web