Summary of design rules by Jef Raskin

In 2002 Jef Raskin wrote to Tom Gilb "A nearly one page summary of design rules".

The first principle. When using a product to help you do a task, the product should only help and never distract you from the task.
The second principle: An interface should be reliable.
The third princple: An interface should be efficient and as simple as possible.
The fourth principle: The suitability of an interface can only be determined by testing.
The fifth principle: An interface should be pleasant in tone and visually attractive.

Then Jef Raskin concludes:

An interface should be effective, habituating, reliable, efficient, and tested. To the extend that doing so does not conflict with these essentials, an interface should also be attractive.

[read Jef’s nearly one page summary of Raskin’s design rules]

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  1. I am a student in Hanoi University in Vietnam. I study Computer Science and HCI is one of my subject. I have read your article but i still don’t know to answer some questions. Can you give me the answer of the question: ” How do “golden rules” and heuristics help interface designers take account of cognitive psychology? Illustrate your answer with example.”
    I hope you answer me soon.
    Thank you very much.

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