Raum Schiff Erde Epilog

Hi,Member of Crew #RSE10
we had a wonderful time at Raum Schiff Erde a couple of weeks ago. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the presenters for sharing their ideas, and all the attendees for becoming members of our RSE crew. Thank you all for your participation and your good vibrations.
RSE10 is documented in various ways: on twitter, some blog postings, and a photo set by Helge who managed to capture the mood perfectly (gallery, 23).
The slides are up at slideshare, and the audio tracks are available on the podcast channel at podcampus.de. Please visit the program page to gain an overview on all presentations, audio casts, and additional references.

It was fun for us – and we hope you enjoyed the trip as well.
Have a safe journey on Spaceship Earth!
Monic, Valentin, Michael, Sebastian, and Matthias

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