SocialChat on Getting Things Done

mproveGTDIf you are no longer suffering under Infoglut, you can focus on the things that matter in your daily business. Whatever that is, you want to get them done. How do you Get Things Done – what are your productivity tips? was the topic of our 13th SocialChat at Oracle. Here are my tweets in chronological order:

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  • bad planning is a challenge. No planning is even worse. But if you get into the flow all plans are forgotten and the guilt might come afterwards.
  • there are four buckets for your tasks:
    1. urgent and important
    2. important but not urgent yet
    3. urgent but not important
    4. neither urgent nor important.
  • As said: 4 buckets, get rid of the content of 1. [->try to avoid] 3. [->delegate] and 4. [->don’t do] and then work on the important but not urgent tasks. Then you have enough time to get the job done in high quality.
  • ToDo lists don’t work for me b/c my tasks have different scopes, life spans and priority.  But I like to check items off from a list when they are done. Celebrate success! (to a certain sense).
  • I would love to try GOOTODO – The basic idea is to send emails to yourself in the future.
  • And one for the road: “Without the last minute, nothing would get done.”  –– bye everybody.
  • Gootodo on lifehackerGood Todo website

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