Space Ship Earth 2011

216.91 million kilometers away, or in other words twelve weeks since “Raum Schiff Erde 2011“. This year the Hamburg un-conference for interaction design, internet, and culture chose the theme ‘order and chaos’ – to honor Benoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010).

Meanwhile I’ve added all the slides to the RSE11 program page, and podcasts are linked there as well.

We had two English presentations: Dannie Jost on folk theories about space for folks on ships and Jeremy Abbett on The New Scarcity. Furthermore seven German presentations: Axel Sylvester on Fab Labs – Mehr als nur Orte für digitale Fertigung;  Jürgen Neumann about the open source hardware platform OHANDA; Karsten Becker Hell yeah, it’s rocket science! “Mars is easy. But nobody listens to me.”; Tanja Döring about Tangible und Embodied InteractionConcepts of IT-Based Modern Living by Matthias Vogt (“”Build the first house for your enemy. The second for your friend. And build the third house for yourself.””); And finally Artist in Transit by Benjamin Rabe and Jan Krutisch. If your German is not existing, I am sure you get the ideas by browsing the slides.

It was fun for us. Thanks to all presenters and all astronauts on Raum Schiff Erde 2011.

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