Hans Rosling at TED

Yesterday’s BBC video was just the first course. Today I’ve collected a chronology of Hans Rosling’s talks at TED:

1) No more boring data / Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen, February 2006

2) New insights on poverty and life around the world, March 2007

3) HIV: New facts and stunning data visuals, February 2009

4) Let my dataset change your mindset, June 2009

5) Asia’s rise – how and when, November 2009

6) On global population growth, June 2010

7) The good news of the decade?, September 2010

8) The magic washing machine, December 2010

And one final_

Hans Rosling’s answers to the TED and Reddit community interview

There are several more videos from Hans Rosling. Just check them out.

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