How exciting, my 3rd TEDx conference. Actually the 4th in Hamburg, but this time it was organized by students of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg rather than TEDxHamburg by red onion. Now TEDxTUHH on 10.11.12. [a pun is weak if you have to explain it, but this is 10-Nov-2012.] A good mix of almost 100 people listened to a good lineup of speakers and three TED videos. My personal highlights (just bullets, no numbers):

  • Manuela Maurer von Hundebande [gang of dogs] – female prisoners on Hahnöfersand train guide dogs. Manuela’s project is inspired by the German movie Underdogs, which is based on Puppies Behind Bars. Everything is deeply intertwingled.
  • Clemens Triebel from younicos – In his research lab in Berlin Adlershof he builds a complete green power supply for an island at scale 1:5. The magic trick is the largest battery in the world to guarantee a constant power level under all simulated weather conditions.
  • Ali Jelveh from protonet – talking about choice. You have to have a choice by all means because with out choice you are powerless, and depend on others and on the system. No surprise that Ali develops an alternative infrastructure to the internet. I was delighted to meet again with Seda and Ali after his talk at RSE10.
  • Very entertaining was Benjamin Zander’s TED talk The transformative power of classical music.

The crew around Nils Hackius did a splendid job. I am impressed by the professional setting, and yet –compared to TEDxHamburg in the Curio House– not too slick and with out stylish glamour.  Simple, effective, friendly – just a great show.

Last not least, a few impressions from TEDxTUHH. -enjoy.

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