Apple does not do Design Thinking

A quick comparison between Design Thinking Principles and Apple reveals…

Design Thinking Apple
Fail early and often …but just internally.
Leave titles at the door Do not come in if you do not contribute to the meeting.
There are no good ideas Either it sucks or it is insanely great.
Do! Don’t talk.
Build on ideas of others Yes, but turn them into something insanely great.
The quantity is it. The quality is it.
Avoid criticism. “This is shit”
Stay focussed. Stay hungry.
Dare to be wild! Stay foolish.
Think human centered. Think details oriented.
Be visual. look and feel contributes to the user experience
Let’s have Fun. Never take the same elevator with Steve. You do not have a job anymore.

q.e.d. Apple does not do Design Thinking. Nonetheless, Apple products are still best of breed.

à propos

[Update 2-Nov-2022]  I am not saying that either way is better or worse than the other. I just like to fight dogmatism (in any area). Take your team – build your team in a way that is best for your users, your customers (not necessary the same as your users) and your business. Enjoy your work and the stuff that you are building for the sake of all.

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