5 inspiring talks

Here comes a set of 5 videos that have (at least) one thing in common. To me they mean a lot – which is in fact already the second thing that they share.

Hermann Maurer at Cognitive Design, Lübeck 2005

Technological Dreams & Nightmares – An Outlook To The (Near) Future, Hermann Maurer, 2005 from mprove on Vimeo.

Joe Weizenbaum at MEDICHI, Linz 2006

Joe Weizenbaum, MEDICHI 2007 from mprove on Vimeo.

Ivan Sutherland at Sun’s SEED Summit, Menlo Park 2006

Ivan Sutherland on Leadership, Sun 2006 from mprove on Vimeo.

Paul Pangaro at coThinkTank, Berlin 2011

coThinkTank 2011 Keynote: Design for Conversations & Conversations for Design by Dr. Paul Pangaro from newthinking on Vimeo.

Ted Nelson at The Future of Text, London 2013

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