Musings and Ponderings

La Rivière, Aristide Maillol

La Rivière, Aristide Maillol

This new blog Musings & Ponderings is the combination and successor of my google blogs Human-Computer Interaction Design and Interface Culture. I’ve also pulled my medium posts and my good posts from virtual UX.

Of course, the design and information architecture is work-in-progress. The tags are a mess and need to be cleaned up. On the other hand, many broken links and media files have been fixed already.

In case you’re wondering about the cover image for this blog – it is  La Rivière by Aristide Maillol. The sculpture is lying in front of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. /update: As of May-1, 2016 she was moved inside the museum. I am looking forward to visit her new location at the Rotunde of the museum.

Enjoy and please leave a message in the comment section.

-Matthias MProve

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