How exciting, my 3rd TEDx conference. Actually the 4th in Hamburg, but this time it was organized by students of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg rather than TEDxHamburg by red onion. Now TEDxTUHH on 10.11.12. [a pun is weak if you have to explain it, but this is 10-Nov-2012.] A good mix of almost 100 people listened to a good lineup of speakers and three TED videos. My personal highlights (just bullets, no numbers):

  • Manuela Maurer von Hundebande [gang of dogs] – female prisoners on Hahnöfersand train guide dogs. Manuela’s project is inspired by the German movie Underdogs, which is based on Puppies Behind Bars. Everything is deeply intertwingled.
  • Clemens Triebel from younicos – In his research lab in Berlin Adlershof he builds a complete green power supply for an island at scale 1:5. The magic trick is the largest battery in the world to guarantee a constant power level under all simulated weather conditions.
  • Ali Jelveh from protonet – talking about choice. You have to have a choice by all means because with out choice you are powerless, and depend on others and on the system. No surprise that Ali develops an alternative infrastructure to the internet. I was delighted to meet again with Seda and Ali after his talk at RSE10.
  • Very entertaining was Benjamin Zander’s TED talk The transformative power of classical music.

The crew around Nils Hackius did a splendid job. I am impressed by the professional setting, and yet –compared to TEDxHamburg in the Curio House– not too slick and with out stylish glamour.  Simple, effective, friendly – just a great show.

Last not least, a few impressions from TEDxTUHH. -enjoy.

Hamburger Unkonferenz Raum Schiff Erde

Raum Schiff Erde am 13.2.2011 in Hamburg
das Raum Schiff Er.de landet im Februar wieder im Jazzclub Stellwerk in Hamburg-Harburg. Wer dabei sein möchte, kann jetzt in unserem Wiki einchecken. Und obwohl am Programm noch fleißig gefeilt wird, zeichnet sich schon jetzt eine spannende und inspirierende Mischung ab.
Diverse Projekte aus den Bereichen Digitales, Interaktionsdesign, Internet, Philosphie und Lötkolben stellen sich vor und werden alleine durch das Motto “Ordung und Chaos” gebändigt!
(Kleiner fraktaler Scherz am Rande: Wofür steht das B. in Benoit B. Mandelbrot? )
Ich hoffe, dass wir an den Erfolg vom letzten Jahr anknüpfen, und dass wir den einen oder anderen Rebooter, Idealisten und Weltverbesserer auf der unkonventionellen Konferenz treffen werden. Hier nochmal die Links_

Es grüßen Matthias und die #RSE11 Crew