SocialChat on Learning in Meetings

Learning and meetings. How does this fit together? If you exclude status meetings, jour fixes and team meetings for a while then there is a chance. Read my contributions to a recent Oracle SocialChat on the subject.  I wonder what happens if I copy a stream of tweets here. Of course, it is still in reverse chronological order, and you have to read your way bottom up.

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    • Thanks you @aludding for facilitating the SocialChats. 
    • Here is another example of an icebreaker that I used recently 
    •  … and a very good & open discussion in the afternoon. no Powerpoint the entire day. 
    •  I’ve conducted a 1-day think tank. Opening video. mood maps, collecting ideas, clustering and sorting… 
    •  You have to utilize other components to set the stage right for brainstorming & collaborative learning sessions. 
    •  If you just use Powerpoint to prepare a meeting then you are already lost. 
    •  Presenting is not learning. Preparing a presentation is. Attending a presentation might be. 
    •  Powerpoint is a bad tool for learning. It is even a mediocre tool for presentations! 
    •  On the other hand workshops and attending good (interactive) presentations can stimulate learning and aha! moments. 
    •  Team meetings and status meetings are not suited for learning. 
    •  Next steps might be follow-up meetings and formal prose in wikis. 
    •  This is the first step after the meeting to really get something. This is the best and fastest way I know to keep the energy level up. 
    •  A very simple and yet effective way to capture the results of a meeting is to take photos and put them on a blog. 
    •  3) moderate the meeting 4) collect the findings for later use. 
    •  but you have to use the tool ¨meeting¨ correctly. 1) set the expectactions right 2) have the right set and mix of people 
    •  … learn new facts and new point of views and get to something that was beyond your own abilities. 
    •  A meeting is also a tool for learning and eventually drawing conclusions. You meet with people, exchange ideas,… 
    •  (Ha, OraTweets can be 256 characters long! So I have to break them up fro Twitter) 
    •  I’ll share some of my OraTweets from the SocialChat #5 on Learning in Meetings… 
    •  The SocialChats are summarized and captured for later reference. 
    •  e.g. we had “Video conferencing – niche to have or needed?”, “How can we give back to the community?”, “How can we improve communication?” 
    •  Each Friday we have a one hour SocialChat in OraTweet. The topics are proposed and voted during the week. 
    •  Another idea to generate traffic and buzz for corporate microblogging are social gatherings. 
    •  Commenting on blogs creates OraTweets. 
    •  For instance status updates in OraTweet show up on your profile page in Connect (our internal Facebook) 
    •  One important factor for successful E20 microblogging is the integration with other social software. 
    •  Compared to Sweet at Sun OraTweet is actually used. How comes? 
    •  We have a corporate microblogging system at Oracle called OraTweet 

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