SocialChat: Giving Back to the Community

Big companies feel the urge to give something back to the community. They support local and social activities with employee’s time and know-how. Oracle is no exception. Here are once again my contributions to our weekly SocialChat. You know the game. Read bottom up:

  • Famous last words: Share your shit! — Evening Talk by Tor Nørretranders at reboot11 (video) 
  • If you mention your company name along the lines: even better! 
  • But since you get something back personally — trust, friends, reputation – it is worth every minute. 
  • If you want to support your community the effort is much higher. 
  • 1day/year doesn’t change anything. And I doubt that it is even effective due to the management overhead. 
  • Even better: Do good stuff and let others talk, blog and tweet about it. 
  • My mantra: Do good stuff and talk about it. Rephrased today as: Do good stuff and blog about it. 
  • What about organizing un-conferences? Think TED. Or 
  • I mean I do not even mow my own lawn. Why do it at the kindergarden next door? 
  • What about building and managing online communities? e.g. the UX Forum at Xing 
  • If I am running a local non-profit designers group, does it count as an Oracle supported volunteer project? 
  • …or align our individual forces and abilities on less but larger projects. 
  • If you want to make a difference you have to commit more time on the project, … 
  • …rather limited. It is important but the impact on the local community and the benefits for the company is low. 
  • I am really struggling with today’s topic. I see the value of individuals spending a number of days on scattered social projects as… 
  • Some of my OraTweets from the SocialChat #6 on “Giving back to the Community”… 

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