SocialChat on Video Conferencing

Social Chat #8 last week was on video conferencing. Whether they are or can be useful, or just nice to have. Read some of my contributions bottom up:

  • Find everything covered from today’s chat in Starfire, a concept video by Sun (1994) 
  • My parting remarks for today: 
  • Cisco pushes video conferencing to increase the need for bandwidth, in order to sell more routers. 
  • The shared working space is more important than watching people sitting around two tables – one real, the other virtual. 
  • Do professional video conferencing systems support shared whiteboards? Two or more teams in different cities working with additional media? 
  • Training and testing and learning is important to facilitate useful remote meetings. 
  • most of the people do not know how to conduct a proper video conference. 
  • You have a telly in the corner, too small to be useful. 
  • In addition, many conference rooms with state of the art video conferencing systems are not really suited for such. 
  • You spend too much time in preparing and fighting system errors instead of focussing on the content of the meeting. 
  • Most of the time the technology is too complicated to use with ease. 
  • … they can extend the time between real live meetings. To that extend they are saving real money. 
  • In my opinion video conferencing cannot replace meetings in RL. But… 
  • But I suppose you do net get a real sense for it without trying it yourself for several times. 
  • It is either expensive, and you do not want to waste you company’s resources. Or it is obtrusive, disturbing, and distracting. 
  • Video conferencing as presented in the video feels artificial to me. 
  • CBS feature on video conferencing 
  • Some of my OraTweets from the SocialChat # 8 on Video Conferencing – Nice to have or needed? 

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