SocialChat: Don’t stop making waves

mprove wavesSocialChat topic this time was on building professional networks, and how to promote yourself. Read my share bottom up:

  • And don’t stop making waves, where ever you are! 
  • Cons: Poor authoring tools in general. It is even worse to edit hyperlinks. And that should be key in the web! 
  • I have basically 8 blogs – Pros: others can easily pick up the content. And the simple chronological navigation. 
  • … so I’m not flattered very much when a headhunter approaches me and just says, “I find your profile on XYZ interesting…” 
  • I am quite visible on the net, … 
  • This is how you build trust and reputation over time. 
  • Slideshare is even better b/c you contribute something substantial to the community. 
  • I favor Xing because of the groups. They persist a little longer than the pages of twitter or facebook. 
  • You collect contacts as two generations before collected stamps. So where is the point if there is no increasing value? 
  • The problem with most of the social sites is: You do not aggregate a personal value. There are lots of casual chats. 
  • Some of my OraTweets from the SocialChat #7 on professional networking, tools, and self-promotion… 

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