The last 36 yrs on Earth

This is a timelapse of Hamburg 1984 – 2012 provided by Google Earth Engine.

You might have to nudge the view a bit to the West to see the airport Hamburg Finkenwerder beeing extended in this timeframe. The container terminal Altenwerder also did not exist 30 years ago (bottom center). Several piers have been filled up since, e.g. Tollerort in the center and the new HafenCity top right.

Here is Las Vegas spreading into the desert over the last 36 years:

The next example is a very sad one. It shows the Aral Sea east of the Caspean Sea, at the border between Kasakhstan and Uzbekistan. Well, in fact the animation shows how the sea drys out and is about to disappear.

[Update]  The Incredible Shrinking Aral Sea 1960-2014 by Brilliant Maps, Apr 2016

>> more info via techcrunch

>> cf. PetaPixel 7-Nov-2016

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